Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Skyrim Custom ENB

Kakasi Blog Update August 11 , 2015

Recent ScreenShot

Kakasi ENB

English >> 

This ENB is still working in progress.
i don't want to show you guys incomplete ENB therefore not gonna release beta.
I might share this ENB to small number of people who really like this ENB in the future.


Sakura tree

[Skyrim MOD] Woodcutter

Green Tundra Part2

Green Tundra

Skyrim One of my favourite Place

 Skyrim Wolf and custom ICE texture

Skyrim walking through around Sarethi Farm

Skyrim Morthal ClearWeather 60fps

Skyrim Storm Rain

もっと見る! See more Click >>>> 

Skyrim Forest

Skyrim RiverWood

Skyrim Spriggan

Skyrim Glaciers and WinterHold

Skyrim Followers

Skyrim Morthal

Skyrim Real Clouds

Skyrim Simple is the best Whiterun

Go to Flickr to see more ScreenShots

See Mod List >>

My ICE texture is available on Nexus DL >>


Tools for customizing Skyrim

GIMP (Texture Editor) (E.g adjusting Color, Brightness)

Creation Kit ( E.g Changing landscape, Water color, Weather lighting)

Tools for creating video

ShadowPlay (Recording video)

AviUtl ( Editing, encoding videos. Free and easy to use)

Skyrim Mod Info/Download

< English >
Skyrim Nexus
Halo's Mods

< Japanese >
Skyrim Mod データベース

Other Info


Ugrids (7) (if you have better PC than me, recommend you to set (9)

FPS : Inside (45-60) Out side (28-40) >>My PC Spec

Using more than 250 mods (not exactly, i can't remember)

I only use EFLX and Customized ENB(weather system) for lighting. (considering to apply CoT weather)


Axl Rosenberg - Into The Wild Chapter II
Globus - Europa (Instrumental Version)
Ivan Torrent - Human Legacy
John Dreamer - Becoming A Legend
Killer Tracks - Paradise Awaits
Legend of Zelda - Gerudo Valley OC remix
MitiS & MaHi - Blu
MitiS - You
Nick Leng - Tunnels And Planes
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Heaven -
Seirei no Moribito OST - Omoi Haruka
Transformers 4:The Score - Autobots Reunite
Two Steps From Hell - Dragon Rider
Two Steps From Hell - Lost in Las Vegas
Two Steps From Hell - Norwegian pirate
Two Steps From Hell - Miracle
Two Steps from Hell- My Freedom
Vena Cava - Handsonic
Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Instrumental)


  1. 木の葉っぱのテクスチャは何を使ってるんですか?

    1. 木の葉は変えていません!バニラのままです!

    2. ありがとうございます

    3. 今のところは配布をする予定はまだありません!理由としては私自身ENB以外のMODをいじったことがなく、配布をしたことも一度もないです。あと、このENBは少しバグが見られるので、それを解決しなければなりません+まだ50%しか天候の調整が終わってないです。

      あとちょっとした質問ですが、このブログにあるOpethfeldt ENB とこのページのCustom ENBどちらがキレイだと思いますか!?

    4. 好みにもよるかもしれませんが、私はCustom ENBの方が綺麗だと思います。最初見たときunreal氏のENBかと思いましたw

    5. ありがとうございますw 私自身Skyrim始めたときからUnrealさんのファンで、参考にさせていただいておりますw

  2. bueaitifulll could i have a list of mods you are using??? i want this graphics!

    1. Thank you ! i have listed Mod list on my blog, but not completed list. it was made 3 month ago and old. One day i'll update it.

  3. How do you get it to look so cartoony ./ bright, I have all your mods please help me :) loving it!

    1. Thank you for watching! I'm just using ENB to make this look

    2. Yes I figured, you won't tell me which right? (heard you say that once) but can you tell me an ENB that looks like yours? Becuase I am desperately trying to recreate your look on a worse pc (still good but can't handle 4k) gtx 560. There are so many enb's but none look as good as yours. It's like watching a movie, I'd soooo watch a skyrim playthrough with your graphics :)

    3. i recommend you Opethfeldt ENB, K ENB, TK ENB Extended. these ENBs look great! if you gonna make your skyrim like mine, at least you have to get GTX770 or more. otherwise your FPS will be running around 15.

    4. I am afraid your right about that on the graphics card part.. But thank you for advising me. One day man! one day! haha :)

  4. Hello there! Excellent job! You are on what ENB?

    1. Thank you for watching! This is my ENB and haven't published yet

  5. Why do you copy Unreal's work ? Even this blog is a copy and the Flickr/Twitter/Youtube images are the same...

    1. I have been Unreal's Fan almost for 2 years and love him very much! However he is not gonna release his ENB so i'm just trying to make ENB which similar or Unreal like. this is like people copying or wearing famous person's hair style and clothes.Beside not everything is copy. i'm just his fan! and he is the best! so please forgive me guys!

  6. Are you going to release this ENB ?

    1. One day i might.... but not gonna release on Nexus.

    2. I really hope you do. These ENB settings are amazing.

    3. Thanks ~ but not good enough!

    4. kakasi, please release your enb soon, i've been following you for a year now ;(

  7. すっごい綺麗なENBですね!調整がうまくてうらやましいです

    1. ありがとうございます!ENBの調整はなかなか地道な作業で時間かかりましたw

  8. the best modded skyrim I have ever seen

  9. Mate,my eyes!This is the best I've ever seen!!!Pfffff.I want to use it.

  10. Love the videos and love the mods you been sharing and love your work it has inspired me to use the mod you have listed to make skyrim much like your own, thank you for your hard work on doing so keep it up there much others like yourself that makes life worth living for to experience such wonderful things this is next gen graphics for such an old game, that being said I love the music that is in your video ==> """"[KKS] Skyrim Flora Overhaul comparison in Falkreath""" I looked down at the bottom of your page and could not see a BGM for listed music names would it be possible for you to list them for me or link me to page that is listed or to the YouTube video that has first song at start of that video its very peaceful and lovely music and love to listen to full track if possible thank you much love!.

    Abby :)

    1. Hi ! thank you for watching my videos, I just re-listed up BGMs on bottom of my blog! Check it out!

  11. Hello , Your ENB is the best I've ever seen ! ! When will be able to publish it ? Thank you very much !

  12. Hey man, this is the most beautiful enb preset i ever seen on skyrim, this bring me the feel of tranquility, fun and objetives, mixed with your good taste for music, this is epic for me, keep your good job man :)

  13. The best ENB preset I've ever seen too! Similiar with the Unreal preset for my eyes, I really want to try it one day

  14. 地域ごとの天候を変更する方法
    CKを開く。WorldのタブからRegionEditorを開く。Tamrielを選択する。下の方にWeatherから始まる項目がある。これらが天候を設定するためのRegion。赤い線で囲ってあるところがそのRegionを示している。右の方にWeatherのタブがあるからそれを見てみる。そうするとWeather Typeに天候の種類が登録されている。それぞれのRegionに入るとこの中からChanceの値が大きいものが優先されて天候が決定される。自分で好きな天候を追加するにはWeather Typeから追加したい天候を選んでAdd。いらない天候を削除するには天候を右クリックしてDelete。Chanceは合計して100になるようにすると良い。OverrideにチェックをいれるとRegionの中に更に上書きしてRegionのWeatherを追加できる。各種街のWorldの天候もある。TamrielではなくWhiterunWorldとかになっていて同じくWeatherから始まる項目があるから同じように設定する。

    1. tamuさん詳しく教えていただきありがとうございます!tamuさんの説明通りに天候を調整し、無事天候の問題が解決しました!!

  15. can you maybe tell me what enb settings i should generally go after to get the same bright clear and colorful, almost cartoony look of your game?

  16. Hey there. I was made aware of this ENB recently, and I just wanted to say it's some of the best ENB work I've ever seen. Sunny days actually look sunny! Almost no other ENB even tries to achieve this. I only know of one other, and it'll never get released. You've done some really fantastic work.

    I would be interested to see how this ENB looks in a darkened environment, or at night. Daytime is already basically perfect.

    Thanks. 日本語で返事しても良い

  17. awesome work bro .... i never seen any ENB can create color like this (green grass and blue sky), also the shadow look so clear, contrast and sharp. Can't wait untill this released

  18. My goodness this is beautiful, a most marvelous preset, I would love to be able to use it one day, I have been checking so many ENB presets (around 30) but none of them seem to be of my liking, it is a shame that this is not released nor has an estimated, but I would definitely use it the first day that I can, I would settle with this one, it's just too good, please keep up your work, it's a wonderful ENB preset, it's so good I really look forward to use it.

  19. This webside + your unbelievable screens & videos are more as awesome. Trying to copy 1:1 your mods since several days now....and even this is fun. Would be nice to see upcoming screens and a download for this beautiful enb in the near future. Stay tuned mate ;)

  20. Hello kakasi !
    Will you release your tweaked verdant grass preset ?
    It's the best i've seen so far ;)

  21. From the UK: amazing ENB! Releasing soon? Will it be on Nexus? Thanks! Bluegunk

  22. hi bro please download love you work enb sorry french bad english

  23. please bro setting for clear weather

  24. 氷河テクスチャ使わせていただきました。私が見た限り氷河テクスチャの中で一番自然だと思いました。

  25. Oh wow this is amazing look so beautiful love it !